Since I was a kid, I always remember that I thought I had a special connection with plants. If I saw a rose in someone’s garden, I could never pick it up, even though no one taught me not to. I just knew it was wrong. That is also how I fell in love with them. There is something about them that brings you peace just by watching them. Dancing in harmony with the wind, as if there is music playing. It’s the first time that I got introduced, I think, to be present.  I had the pleasure of growing up surrounded by plenty of types of plants. My father’s hobby is gardening, so this might be another reason for my connection with plants in general. I never grew one on my own though, until recently.

How I got started

After spending hours and hours creating a board on Pinterest with living rooms, bedrooms, and small balconies, I got to do all that when I got into my own apartment two years ago. It’s a really special feeling where you get to do your own independent stuff. You get to decorate your own living room, bathroom, bedroom, and everything in between. I always thought something was missing while I was decorating. Then, my parents suggested I should get a plant. That was a really great idea, as all of my pins on Pinterest had room decorations with plants on them. If you have a boho minimalist style, decorating your room with plants is the real vibe. Your room will look so energetic and spirited.

The most easygoing plants for easygoing people

I decided to get a ZZ plant first. 

ZZ plants are very easy to grow. They don’t need your attention that much, even if you are like me who forgets about having plants at all. The room got its vibrant feeling, it looked more elegant. The beauty of it all was that it survived under artificial light. I kept over-watering the ZZ plant, trying to compensate for the times I forgot about its existence. I will never understand how that plant survived.

 As I realized that I kept over-watering the plant, I got an Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen plant as a gift. This is a tropical plant and let me tell you, she can really drink her water. Aglaonema can withstand excess H2O. If you are into small little plants, I would suggest you get a Mini Jade Plant. She can survive without water for a month. She is not that thirsty. All you need to do is water in its round leaves and she is good to go. But nothing will look better than an Aloe plant on your desk or bedside table. Your room will look posh but yet so effortlessly.

Plant vs animals

If you are an animal lover like me, obviously you will get a cat or a dog. I got two adorable kittens. But they didn’t like the plants very much, or they did, as they kept eating and/or destroying them. I can never really tell what they like or what they don’t like. I didn’t want to lose my plants or my cats. I was ready to do everything, so I could keep them both. It was then that I discovered about growing tents. I got all of my plants inside an indoor grow tent, where the frame is easily assembled from light.

The flourishment

 My plants were growing like crazy and I couldn’t understand the reason. So, basically, the plants were growing like that because of the grow tent’s reflective surface. I could control the temperature and humidity because it offered you the perfect isolated self-sustained climate. The other amazing thing about it is that no more insects were flying around the plants. That meant that my cats didn’t have the chance to run around the room chasing the insects and then jumping into the plants and completely destroying them. I had a win-win situation. I got really fascinated by its outcome so I decided to get other small plants to grow, as I am a small plant kinda girl.


 If you have a Dragon Tree plant and if you have a dog or cats living with you, this kind of plant is very toxic for them, so a larger grow tent is the real deal.